Three Squelches To A Change Of Underwear

I’ve had a while to consider it, guys, and I’ve lastly determined:

I am glad soccer is over.


I am going to additionally go on these:

One thing one thing TOOT SWEET. Haha!

(Let’s have a look at, in order that’s 4 fartlets to a toot, two toots to a squelch, and three squelches to a change of lingerie, am I proper?)


Among the best patch jobs I’ve seen in ages:



Ah, look! The Nice Poo-Nugget Migration!

Actually transferring, is not it?


We have had a bunch of late Valentine desserts are available, and I’ve to say, you wreckerators had a red-letter yr! The truth is, you may say…

Torn between disappointment and reduction there is not any nekkid Miley on there.

“Drat, there’s solely room for yet another letter, and I have to spell “YOU!”

[head tilt]
[Jeopardy theme playing]

“Guess I am going to go together with the Y, then.”


Because of Angie T., Mindy M., Lisa R., Martina T., Rebecca C., & Stacey for making my week.


Spring means spring-cleaning, and this storage chain I featured in Epbot’s “10 Clever Ways To Display Plush Toys” is nonetheless a best-seller:

Toy Chain Organizer

You need to use it to clip up toys, hats, scarves, gloves, greeting playing cards – something light-weight you’ll be able to match a clip round. For below $20 it is a good way to make use of awkward areas in closets, behind doorways, and even swagged over a mattress or desk.