The Clucking Useless

As a result of bakeries are operating out of concepts, I offer you:

John Deere Zombie Chickens!

Often known as The Clucking Useless.


On a scale of 1 to gouging-out-your-own-eyes, how disturbing is that this?

Personally, I feel it falls someplace between “Ped Eggs” and toddlers-who-won’t-break-eye-contact.

However actually, the very best half are the buttons. Go on, give it some thought.


Ever heard the expression, “getting sh**-faced?”

‘Cuz somebody took that WAY too actually



Angie needed to get her pal a cake, however there was an issue: apparently “Pleased fiftieth Birthday, Melissa” would not match.

However don’t fret, the baker was nonetheless capable of squeeze one thing out:

So transferring.

(Do you suppose the baker was wiped after this? Flushed with success? Prepared for the following stream of orders? Hey, the place are you going? [HAHA THAT WAS STILL A PUN] Come again! I have never used my well-known “You are in bother” line but!)


Because of Sarah P., Dimitra L., Gina V., & Angie W. for caring sufficient… to provide a crap.