11 Totally Weird Show Truffles Simply Hangin' Out Like It's NBD

[NOTE: Today’s post will make SO much more sense if you know the Phineas & Ferb theme song.]


Right now’s muffins usually are not particular orders.

Nobody requested for them this fashion.

Actually, they have been all discovered ready-made in bakery show instances, simply ready for the appropriate buyer and/or event to come back alongside.

Like perhaps…!!

Constructing a compost


Or combating a wrestler


Or lighting up for Monkey Hour:


Discovering one thing that does not exist



Or giving a cookie a “flower!”



Black-tie crabs who wave


Creating nasty dots

Or exposing Miss Finklestein’s mind

(It is below right here! )


Discovering a loco face


Wrecking a cookie cake


And driving your buyers insane!

(“What is that this?!”)


As you may see, there’s a complete lot of stuff to wreck earlier than college begins this Fall. 
So stick to us, ‘cuz these wreckerators are gonna 
wreck ’em 


Because of Jennifer G., Vanessa F., Nicole P., Tonya F., Melissa, Mollie M., Lydia D., Liz Z., Kayla P., Tommi S., who tells me that is speculated to be a gown, however all I see is a blind bunny.

Additionally right here’s a a lot cuter variation on bunny ears that every one you cat house owners must see:

Rabbit Blind Box Cat Hat

As a result of typically it’s a must to ask your self: Simply how courageous AM I? 😀